Our mission, our responsibility

BNP Paribas Responsibility Charter

The BNP Paribas group is the product of successive bank mergers which first began to make their mark on European economic history back in the 19th century. Driven by a strong tradition of service provided to individual people and businesses alike, and deeply rooted in our various countries of origin, BNP Paribas is at the same time the bank for a changing world. BNP Paribas' number one asset is the confidence that our clients place in us, which has been built up over time. We, as management, lead and steer the Group in accordance with the basic commitments that are essential if we are to deserve that trust and confidence.

  • Remaining true to our primary mission: long-term service to our clients

  • Being prepared to take risks, while ensuring close risk control

  • Following a strict business ethic

  • Being a responsible bank


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